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Hello! It's been awhile since I have updated this page, and I will be working on it to make it more user friendly.

Updates on the wagon/Happenings for this Spring/Summer:


WINTERS MARKET- BLUE HILL, MAINESCAPE 9:30-12, now till the end of May
Serving up my tasty breakfast sandwiches with local fixings, breakfast treats

Starting Wednesday March 30th I will be set up in Brooklin on Wednesdays and Thursdays with my food wagon doing breakfast and lunch. Time 8:30/9-12:30. This will run until at least the end of May.

What will I be serving?
Breakfast sandwiches with all the local fixings (see examples below), handpies, breakfast treats, and desserts. Also two lunch options a day. AND LOCAL COFFEE!! Lunch can also be preordered if you call ahead and order the day before- if you want to be on my email list please email me at:

Where? Sealanders Parking Lot---where the farmers markets are located in the summer.


Blue Hill Farmer's Markets on Saturdays 9-11:30 at the Fairgrounds thru Mid August, CONGO CHURCH August-October
Serving- Breakfast sandwiches, Local 44N Coffee, treats, some specials

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays DEER ISLE 7-11am---
Address to be announced soon with details
I will be serving all the things I do at other markets, plus more!

Breakfast Sandwich-Sample Menu:

I start with Locally made DAILY BREAD English Muffin toasted or a tortilla

I then add the following options:

Local Egg and Cheddar: $4.75

Local Bacon or Local Maple Sausage (White's Farm, or Milkweed Farm) $1.25 each

Local Greens, Tomatoes, Onions, Whatever is in season basically---I use various farms: Four Season, Blue Zee, Horsepower Farm, King Hill Farm, Morgan Bay Farm .50 each

Local Chutney by Nervous Nellies- Tomato Chutney, or Jalapeno Jelly .50 each

Avocado or Salsa, or My own Pesto: .50 each

Treats you might find at my wagon:
EXAMPLES. I can make anything if you want to order something ahead

Handpies- Pie crust filled with: Nutella, Seasonal Fruits, Chocolate Peanut Butter, and Savory Options

Muffins, Seasonal Fruits- Blueberry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Corn, Carrot/coconut/apple, Apple, Zucchini $2

Macaroons, Chocolate Chip cookies, Brownies, Blondies, Scones $1-3

PIE! Blueberry, Raspberry, Apple, Pecan Bourbon, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Chocolate, Chocolate cream, Coconut Cream, Tri-Berry, Pear-Ginger, Maple Cream, Honey Custard
16-19$ whole, or 3.50/slice

Quiche: Local eggs with: bacon/blue cheese/leeks, spinach/mozzarella, Pesto/mozzarella, Cheddar/Onion/Tomato, Summer Squash and Feta, Ham/scallion/cheddar/swiss

Cake: Chocolate, Vanilla, Upside down cakes with Chocolate ganache, Fresh Raspberry Frosting, Vanilla Frosting, Chocolate Buttercream. Or Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
$15-$18 per layer. I DO WEDDING CAKES!!!! And special events! Check out my facebook page for pictures.

My food wagon is available for your special events---THINK WEDDING BRUNCHES, BBQ's, BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND ANNIVERSARYS.

facebook: Sarahnidpity Pies
Instagram: #sarahndipitypies

A bit about my vendors:
Daily Bread is located in Levant, ME---I dont know what I would do without their tasty English Muffins
Local Farmers- My food tastes great because it is fresh and local and seasonal, my meat is local and super yummy from people who love their pigs.
Nervous Nellies- Have you ever been here? located in Sunshine off of Deer Isle. You need to go. Not only is the jams and jellies amazing, but this place is a must see for Peter's statues and art alone. You won't regret this trip.
44N Coffee- Locally made coffee in Deer Isle by two awesome women- need I say more? Also worth a trip if you have never been. I recommend Royal Tar.

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